Michael Fairbrother’s Timeline

1975 – 1985

– Michael Fairbrother is born.
– Inspired by Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger”, became interested in music as a possible career choice.
– Began to learn electronic drums, keyboards, and acoustic guitar.

1986 – 1989

– Received first electric guitar for Christmas.
– Formed first band, Dark Snake, honing skills as a guitarist and songwriter.
– Played in many local bands performing house concerts and parties.
– Recorded several home demos.

1990 – 1993

– Joined a blues band called The Three Generations.
– Started playing bass.
– Performed, recorded, and jammed with various bands in CNY.

1994 – 1995

– Studied with Opera Singer/Vocal Coach Irene Stanton.
– Auditioned for a band called The Roadkills. Recorded guitar parts to four of their original songs.
– Auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne via a club contest held by a local radio station.
– Enrolled in a songwriting course taught by Mark Chatwin.
– Formed a band called Gateway, releasing the “Wings Of The Night”/”Foolin’ Around” single, which received airplay on local radio stations.

1996 – 1999

– Focused solely on songwriting – creating music for future releases.
– Started Mystic Fire Records.


2000 – 2006

– Recorded several home demos using material created between ’96 – ’99.
– Taught private guitar lessons.
– Recorded the album Stepping-Stone (which was not released until 2007 under the title “Muse”).

2007 – 2009

– Released the albums Muse and Critical Situation as Myspace only mp3 downloads.
– Enrolled in the Music Careers Mentoring Program.


– Released the following albums: The Essential Collection [1990 – 2010]Classical Weirdness, and Baptism Under Fire, all of which helped build a fanbase and establish an internet presence.
– Collaborated with singer/songwriter Kevin Rothrock on his song, “Do You Ever Wonder?”.

2011 – Present

– Released several solo albums.
– Auditioned for bands; beginning to collaborate with other musicians again.